hey since you got here I guess you allready know me, if not here a short Introduction:

My name is Tomek, im German and right now Im in an Youth-Exchange in America,Penssylvania. The Organisation im traveling with is named „Rotary“. Im currently 16 years old and well I don’t really expect anybody to read this, In fact I dont even really know why im doing this… Probably because I know that one day I will come back to this page and hopefully enjoy all the memories I (maybe) gonna save here. but okay more about myself , I would say Im an Artist because I really like to draw even tho I dont really do it that often. but if I do I normally do it till Im atleast nearly pleased with what I did. well In fact I probably going to post alot of my Art on here …

Just enjoy my blog and leave a comment if you want to.

(btw. sorry for my shitty english)

I dont even know why I write this in english, some kiddo is definitely gonna come and mess with me …i’ll let them try

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